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  1. Du hast noch nie von Wikidata, SPARQL oder WDQS gehört? Hier eine kurze Erklärung dieser Begriffe: Wikidata ist eine Datenbank für Wissen. Sie enthält viele Angaben wie zum Beispiel Die Hauptstadt von Kanada ist Ottawa oder Die Mona Lisa wurde mit Ölfarbe auf Pappelholz gemalt oder Gold hat eine Wärmeleitfähigkeit von 25,418 Joule pro Mol Kelvin. SPARQL ist eine.
  2. SPARQL (Aussprache?/i) ist eine graphenbasierte Abfragesprache für RDF. Der Name ist ein rekursives Akronym für S PARQL P rotocol A nd R DF Q uery L anguage. Die RDF Data Access Working Group (DAWG) des World Wide Web Consortiums trieb die Entwicklung und Standardisierung von SPARQL voran
  3. With SPARQL you can extract any kind of data, with a query composed of logical combinations of triples. Wikidata provides an SPARQL endpoint including a powerful Web-GUI since September 2015. This book focusses on the Wikidata database, with lots of examples
  4. WDQS understands many shortcut abbreviations, known as prefixes. Some are internal to Wikidata wd, wdt, p, ps, bd, etc. and many others are commonly used external prefixes, like rdf, skos, owl, schema, etc
  5. I need a SPARQL query returning a specific Wikidata ID or a list of IDs. In real life such query is useless but I need it for testing purposes. The easiest variant I could come up with was: SELEC
  6. SPARQL is a query language for RDF databases. In contrast to relational databases like SQL, items are not part of any tables. Instead, items are linked with each other like a graph or network: Example how to visualize an RDF databas

Wikidata Abfragedienst mit SPARQL Beispiel unter query.Wikidata.org Wikidata war das erste neue Projekt der Wikimedia Foundation seit 2006. Das Projekt Wikidata wurde erstmals im September 2004 von Erik Möller vorgeschlagen Tools Wikidata Query Service Wikidata generic tree. Wikidata Graph Builder. Build graphs using Wikidata Query Service and d3.js. Example graphs: Parent taxons of Blue Whale; Class tree for human; Parents of Nikita Mikhalkov; Children of Agnes of the Palatinate (4 generations) Types of numbers; Subclasses of physicists; Subclasses and parent classes of period 2 elements; People, who were filmed. SPARQL contains capabilities for querying required and optional graph patterns along with their conjunctions and disjunctions. SPARQL also supports aggregation, subqueries, negation, creating values by expressions, extensible value testing, and constraining queries by source RDF graph. The results of SPARQL queries can be result sets or RDF graphs Wikidata, the knowledge base of Wikimedia, is collecting a large amount of structured knowledge across all Wikimedia projects and languages. Since 2015, a query service is available to retrieve and analyze this data using the SPARQL query language

Navino Evans, co-founder of Histropedia (www.histropedia.com), co-presented a Wikidata Showcase at Repository Fringe 2016 at the University of Edinburgh on 2.. Wikidata Query Service (WDQS) is a software package and public service designed to provide a SPARQL endpoint which allows you to query against the Wikidata data set. This page or other relevant documentation pages will be updated accordingly; it is recommended that you watch them if you are using the service Some queries that no longer work were moved to a subpage - they need to be updated to use Wikidata federation service instead of assuming that all Wikidata data is present in the same database

sparql wikidata identifiers reference. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 5 months ago. Active 4 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 744 times 4. 0. I use KMDb person ID to retrieve information from wikidata database. The result are three rows with three IMDB codes. If I look. It provides a number of services around the extracted data, like DBpedia mobile, a SPARQL endpoint, a faceted browser, a number of mappings to external ontologies, an ontology itself, etc. A lot of research is being done on DBpedia. Wikidata on the other hand will provide a secondary and tertiary database of structured data that everyone can edit SPARQL ist eine Datenbanksprache, die es erlaubt, das Semantic Web zu befragen. Eine Sprache, die nicht nur Daten liefert. Sie ergründet auch das logische Verhältnis zwischen diesen Daten. Zumindest in der Theorie < Wikidata Query Service‎ | User Manual (Redirected from Wikidata query service/User Manual/SPARQL Federation endpoints) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Translate this page. Other languages: English • ‎français • ‎italiano • ‎polski • ‎српски / sri • ‎العربية • ‎தமிழ் • ‎ไทย • ‎中文 • ‎日本語 • ‎한국어. We.

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Wikidata SPARQL tutorial; SPARQL playground; The W3C tutorial is somewhat outdated and mostly didn't work for me. The Apache Jena tutorial mostly also works with the Blazegraph database which we'll use in this tutorial. Just the output looks different and some examples won't work as shown in the tutorial. The Wikidata tutorial is recommended - you might want to try it out after you followed. Eine große Woche für Wikidata. Nicht nur ist der SPARQL-Endpoint an den Start gegangen, auch Werte lassen sich nun eintragen: As promised we just enabled support for quantities with units on Wikidata. So from now on you'll be able to store fancy things like the height of a mountain or the boiling point of an element. Mehr hier und hier. Wer kombiniert beides zu einem schönen Beispiel. I am getting duplicate rows on a specific SPARQL query with query.wikidata.org. The duplicates seem to arise when a value has been edited in the references. Besides a BlazeGraph issue this could be my misunderstanding of SPARQL. For a query that has the issue see: https:. Sophox is a collection of data services to work with OSM data, OSM tag metadata (from this wiki), and use external (federated) data sources like Wikidata.The service uses a well known SQL-like language called SPARQL.The service can also be used for direct OSM editing, either in a manual search & replace, or as a challenge similar to MapRoulette.. Construct WikiData SPARQL query. For me, the easiest way to construct a new SPARQL query is using the WikiData query editor. It has a lovely autocomplete feature. It also helps with query debugging. We want to retrieve all the instances of monuments located in Spain. I have found the easiest way to find various entities on WikiData is by simply.

SPARQL ist eine graphenbasierte Abfragesprache für RDF. Der Name ist ein rekursives Akronym für SPARQL Protocol And RDF Query Language. Die RDF Data Access Working Group (DAWG) des World Wide Web Consortium trieb die Entwicklung und Standardisierung von SPARQL voran. Im April 2006 wurde SPARQL als Candidate Recommendation anerkannt, im Oktober 2006 ist es jedoch wieder zum Working Draft. awesome-wikidata-scripts. Awesome Wikidata SPARQL Scripts. To learn about Wikidata and SPARQL, check out these notes. How to run? Save SPARQL query to scripts directory. Every script can have a list of params which are of the format ${n} where n is a non-negative integer. Example Yet, it is not possible to just use natural language to query; you have to learn SPARQL. So, we figured that teaching SPARQL is the best way to get people to fully grasp Wikidata. Since it is only a query language, it is teachable and limited in scope. People can learn it after a few lessons and get involved SPARQL is a recursive acronym for SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language. Its name provides some clues about what it's for. SPARQL is at its core a query language. It allows users to query RDF triples that are stored in a graph database Wikidata SPARQL - get company entities and the location of their headquarters. Related. 9. How to get list of all items that have a particular property, in Wikidata? 2. How to get all Wikidata items in a country? 4. Get QID from Wikidata label name, via SPARQL. 4. get item's properties know QID. 1. Get list of all wikidata properties used to link to an item . 0. Wikidata - Filter or Detect or.

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Wikidata speichert Daten zu einer Vielzahl von Themen und bietet einen SPARQL-Endpunkt f ü r den einfachen Zugriff auf diese Daten. Insbesondere werden die Adressen anderer SPARQL-Endpunkte aufgelistet. Dieses Beispiel fragt den Wikidata SPARQL-Endpunkt ab, um andere SPARQL-Endpunkte zu finden SPARQL is a query language used to retrieve data stored as RDF (Resource Description Framework) and it is standardized by the W3C. It is a powerful language to query Linked data and we can also use it to query Wikidata. The syntax is similar to SQL, but it has some differences for people trained in SQL SPARQL — это язык запросов к данным, основанных на модели субъект-предикат-объект (примечание: объект часто заменяется на значение, особенно в случае количественных предикатов) (в терминах Wikidata элемент-свойство.

SPARQL - Protocol and RDF Query Language - The language used to query RDF graph databases; RDF - Resource Description Framework - A method for structuring data as a graph or network of connected statements, rather than a series of tables. LOD - Linked Open Data - LOD is RDF data published online with dedicated URIs in such a manner than developers can reliably reference it. statement. Web form front end for entering Wikidata SPARQL queries https://query.wikidata.org/ is one of the nicest web forms I've ever seen for entering SPARQL queries. It offers color coding, auto-completion, and drop-down menus of tools, prefixes, and help This is the third post in a series about querying Wikidata's SPARQL API. In the first post we wrote some basic queries, in the second we learnt about the SELECT and CONSTRUCT clauses, and in this post we're going to import query results into an existing Neo4j graph from qwikidata.sparql import (get_subclasses_of_item, return_sparql_query_results) # send any sparql query to the wikidata query service and get full result back # here we use an example that counts the number of humans sparql_query = SELECT (COUNT(?item) AS ?count) WHERE {?item wdt:P31/wdt:P279* wd:Q5 .} res = return_sparql_query_results (sparql_query) # use convenience function to.

Querying Wikidata: Comparing SPARQL, Relational and Graph Databases. Conference Paper · October 2016 with 247 Reads How we measure 'reads' A 'read' is counted each time someone views a. Introducció a SPARQL a partir de Wikidata Toni Hermoso Pulido @ Toniher https://w.wiki/Bw$ Amical Wikimedi Wikidata Full TEST; Loading information... Backend Information Shortcuts / Help. Knowledge base index. Index name: Dataset: Number of triples: Fulltext index. Index name: Dataset: Number of distinct text records: Number of distinct word occurrences: Number of distinct entity occurrences: + + + + Execute Download Download results as CSV Download results as TSV Share Reset Clear cache Analysis. Wikidata Sparql Query Tutorial.webm 16 min 25 s, 1,280 × 720; 62.91 MB. Wikidata sparql twitter poll 2016.png 1,080 × 1,128; 103 KB. Wikidata sparql twitter poll 2017.png 844 × 530; 60 KB. Wikidata UK public libraries.png 842 × 990; 577 KB. Wikidata Workshop - GPN 2015.pdf 1,500 × 1,125, 10 pages; 511 KB. Wikidata write SPARQL query for dummies.gif 554 × 318; 261 KB. Wikidata's SPARQL. Standard SPARQL Editor Interface Knowledge takes the form of a collection of RDF Triples, which structures data using a subject-predicate-object object model (basically, Entity-Attribute-Value..

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SPARQL 1.1 Overview W3C Recommendation 21 March 2013 (englisch) W3C RDF Data Access Working Group (englisch) SPARQL By Example, Lee Feigenbaum (englisch) SPARQL-Tutorial (englisch) SPARQL RDF Query Language Reference., Dave Beckett, Kurzreferenz (zwei A4-Seiten; englisch) ARQ Abfrage-Engine (englisch) Wikidata Abfrage - Open SPARQL Web Dienst. Linked Data, Wikidata und SPARQL Termin 11, 17. Mai 2018 Benedikt Hitz-Gamper. Forschungsstelle Digitale Nachhaltigkeit Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik. Universität Bern. Vorlesung Open Data > 11: Linked Data FS 2018 2 Terminübersicht Vorlesung 22. Februar 2018 Informationen zur Vorlesung, Einführung ins Thema Open Data und Open Government . 01. März 2018. Open Government Data und das.

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It takes the actual query string (query), optional prefixes (prefix) if you do not want to use the standard prefixes of Wikidata, the actual entpoint URL (endpoint), and you can also specify a user agent for the http header sent to the SPARQL server (user_agent). The latter is very useful to let the operators of the endpoint know who you are, especially if you execute many queries on the. I created a series of 5 SPARQL queries that highlight Wikidata, collections at Yale University Library, and are expressions of how I relate to #loveyourWIKIdata. Written by Katherine Thornton No comments Posted in file formats, GLAM, libraries, linked data, SPARQL, Uncategorized, Wikidata Tagged with loveyourdata, LYD17 January 3, 2017 Oral history at the Computer History Museum The mission. SPARQL (pronounced sparkle / ˈ s p ɑː k ə l /, a recursive acronym for SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language) is an RDF query language—that is, a semantic query language for databases—able to retrieve and manipulate data stored in Resource Description Framework (RDF) format. It was made a standard by the RDF Data Access Working Group (DAWG) of the World Wide Web Consortium, and is. 1 Wikidata:History Query Service - Wikidata The Wikidata History Query Service is a work in progress by Tpt to provide a SPARQL endpoint allowing to query Wikidata edit history. 11 months ago by @acka47. show all tags ×.

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An introduction to the W3C query language for RDF. Sample data and queries used in video available at http://learningsparql.com/misc/sparqlIn11Minutes.zip. S.. The blue social bookmark and publication sharing system RDF* and SPARQL* ¶ RDF* is an extension of the RDF 1.1 standard that proposes a more efficient reification serialization syntax. The main advantages of this representation include reduced document size that increases the efficiency of data exchange, as well as shorter SPARQL queries for improved comprehensibility Querying Wikidata for data that you just entered yourself March 29, 2020 Populating a Schema.org dataset from Wikidata February 23, 2020 One-click replacement of an IMDb page with the corresponding Wikipedia page January 19, 2020 View more posts. Share this post . Querying geospatial data with SPARQL. Part 1. June 30, 2019. OpenStreetMap, or OSM to geospatial folk, is a crowd-sourced. Wikidata is a repository of structured data about all kinds of knowledge in the world. Since 2012, it has grown to be a gigantic knowledge base that can be edited by everyone and used freely to answer all your questions. We will talk about how Wikidata is structured, how to query it with SPARQL, and what kind of applications people have already built with it. We will also introduce you to.

SPARQL 1.1 includes: COUNT, SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, SAMPLE, GROUP_CONCAT. Property Paths (SPARQL 1.1) •Property paths allow triple patterns to match arbitrary-length paths through a graph •Predicates are combined with regular-expression-like operators: Construct Meaning path1/path2 Forwards path (path1followed by path2) ^path1 Backwards path (object to subject) path1|path2 Either path1or path2. The German DBpedia SPARQL Endpoint currently uses the dataset version of October 2016. We hope to update the endpoint soon, stay tuned! Until then, you can either use the Endpoint to query the dataset directly or download the dumpfile. The datasets are made accessible on the Web under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License and the GNU Free Documentation License. A SPARQL (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language) egy RDF lekérdező nyelv, melynek segítségével különféle adatbázisokhoz adhatunk meg lekérdezéseket. A SPARQL segítségével Resource Description Framework formátumban tárolt adatokat módosíthatunk, és nyerhetünk ki az adatbázisból. A World Wide Web Consortium RDF Data Access Working Group (DAWG) csoportja által nyílt. Wie liste ich die verschiedenen Typen von Knoten- und Kantenelementen in den Diagrammdaten mit einer SPARQL-Abfrage auf und zähle sie? Ich möchte einige zusammenfassende Statistiken für einen Datensatz bereitstellen und die verschiedenen Typen von Kantenentitäten und Knotenentitäten (Scheitelpunkte) im Diagramm auflisten Alternatively, we can find all items that have river in their subclass tree

A big conceptual jump for me in writing SPARQL queries for Wikidata was that you can do quite a lot just using the wdt: predicates, but they only allow you to query a limited subset of the information in Wikidata. For lots of things you might want to query, you need to use predicates with other prefixes. To explain the problem, here's an example of the data that a wdt:P69 (educated. Wikidata is basically just a giant database of triples like this. And we can this database using a query language called SPARQL, which is to triple databases as SQL is to relational databases. This turns out to be frequently useful for data science projects. For instance, I've used it in the past to query information about music and musicians. WIKIDATA Have you written your own SPARQL query yet? Huh? What's SPARQL? I adapted an example Yeah but it was hard Yes and I owned it! @ 85 Votes Endergebnisse 10:29 vorm. Juni 16 310/0 240/0 14% 320/0 2016 . Wikidata Query Service Examples Prefixes Help. English coordinate location Select items that have an ISBN and an author, ELECT ? item ? iteml_abel_ ? authorl_abel_ ?p1aceLabe1_ ? coord. SPARQL on Wikidata MPRI 2.26.2: Web Data Management Antoine Amarilli Friday, January 15th 1/2 A Wikidata item can be edited from its item page; data can be queried using Wikidata's query service or SPARQL endpoint. Find Composers. To get familiar with Wikidata, go to its home page and enter La cumparsita into the search field to reach the data page describing that famous tango song

Salgo60 renamed this task from Test Federated search Wikidata SPARQL with TORA sparql to Test Federated search Wikidata SPARQL with TORA sparql (LIBRIS). Jul 20 2018, 12:09 AM. Salgo60 updated the task description. (Show Details) Salgo60 added a subscriber: Andrawaag. Salgo60 updated the task description. (Show Details) Jul 20 2018, 6:18 AM. Salgo60 mentioned this in T199794: Design how the. Keywords: federated queries, SPARQL, Wikidata Background Wikidata is the linked database of Wikipedia and other sister projects from the Wikimedia foundation. Similar to Wikipedia, Wikidata is not limited to a select set of knowledge domains, in principle it can capture all knowledge. However, external resources can contain much more granularity on a given topic. Research in the life sciences. The following queries are run on the WikiPathways SPARQL end point. But you can run federated queries on the Wikidata SPARQL end point too. Example queries for that are found here. Metabolites in Wikipedia with InChIKeys from Wikidata . The corresponding query on Wikidata is here

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In this tutorial I provide many examples of CONSTRUCT queries, VALUES and alternative property paths. I explain how construct queries help data is well typed, structured and, importantly, consistent Wikidata provides plenty for us, and while the Blazegraph instance used as the back end to its SPARQL engine does not have its RDFS inferencing capabilities turned on--understandably, because queries that take advantage of this ask more of a processor and could therefore hamper scalability--a nice property path trick does let us ask for all the instances of a particular class and of its. It doesn't recognize Wikidata prefixes by default, and can't output CSV at the moment, but the RDF4J Console is a useful generic commandline application, not just for talking to Wikidata, but to any public SPARQL endpoint, your own RDF4J Server, or even a simple embedded triplestore of your own.. To install, you need a Java (8) Runtime Environment We take two popular SPARQL databases (Virtuoso, Blazegraph), a popular relational database (PostgreSQL), and a popular graph database (Neo4J) for comparison and discuss various options as to how Wikidata can be represented in the models of each engine. We design a set of experiments to test the relative query performance of these representations in the context of their respective engines. We. This is supported by the reconciliation interface, with a syntax inspired by SPARQL property paths: They are returned only if the precision of the Wikidata value is good enough to define them. @isodate returns a date in the ISO format 1987-08-23 (string). A value is always returned. @iso returns the date and time in the ISO format 1996-03-17T04:15:00+00:00. A value is always returned. For.

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Mini-Projekt 2020-03-25: Begriffsbaum mithilfe von SPARQL & Python erstellen - Wikidata-Visualisierunge SPARQL Endpoint interface to Python. Meta. License: W3C License (W3C SOFTWARE NOTICE AND LICENSE) Author: Ivan Herman, Sergio Fernández, Carlos Tejo Alonso, Alexey Zakhlestin Tags python, sparql, rdf, rdfli sparql.IRI, sparql.Literal and sparql.BlankNode all inherit from sparql.RDFTerm. n3() Return a Notation3 representation of this term. class sparql.IRI(value) An RDF resource. class sparql.Literal(value, datatype=None, lang=None) Literals. These can take a data type or a language code. class sparql.BlankNode(value) Blank node. Similar to IRI but lacks a stable identifier. Query utilities. class. The use of SPARQL for Wikidata was not pre-determined and other technologies were seriously considered. The massive use of the service and the wealth of (non-research) applications shows that SPARQL really works for this community (there is continued significant increase in usage in 2018, but we don't have permission to publish more recent logs so far). So kudos to everybody who has been.

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The HTML interface to your SPARQL endpoint is not your SPARQL endpoint July 19, 2020 Converting CSV to RDF with Tarql June 21, 2020 SPARQL in a Jupyter Notebook May 31, 2020 Living in a materialized world April 26, 2020 Querying Wikidata for data that you just entered yourself March 29, 2020 Populating a Schema.org dataset from Wikidata. WikiPakaWG Hardware & Making Playlists: '36c3' videos starting here / audio. 50 min 2019-12-27 2020-01-12 203 Fahrplan; An introduction to querying linked data, using the SPARQL query language and the free knowledge base Wikidata Busque trabalhos relacionados com Wikidata sparql ou contrate no maior mercado de freelancers do mundo com mais de 18 de trabalhos. É grátis para se registrar e ofertar em trabalhos instance, in Wikidata [27], a SPARQL query may request the names of Nobel laureates that have fought in a war. However, there are times when users need answers to a similarity query, such as requesting the Latin American country with the most similar population and GDP to a European country. The potential applications for e cient similarity queries in SPARQL are numerous, includ-ing: entity. Wikidata provide a secondary and tertiary database of structured data that everyone can edit. it will allow infoboxes to be created from structured data. Cite. 2 Recommendations. 18th Jul, 2015.

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substring sparql wikidata. hinzugefügt 12 Januar 2019 in der 07:47 der Autor Daniel Mietchen, Informationstechnologie. Einen Pfad für weitere Abfragen darstellen. python sparql rdf semantic-web rdflib. hinzugefügt 10 Januar 2019 in der 05:11 der Autor Maxim Veksler, Informationstechnologie. Hinzufügen von Präfixen zu Abfragen in SPARQL . java sql sparql jena arq. hinzugefügt 10 Januar. SPARQL Tutorial. The objective of this SPARQL tutorial is to give a fast course in SPARQL. The tutorial covers the major features of the query language through examples but does not aim to be complete. If you are looking for a short introduction to SPARQL and Jena try Search RDF data with SPARQL. If you are looking to execute SPARQL queries in code and already known SPARQL then you likely want. sparql_query: SPARQL query (can be a vector of queries) format simple uses CSV and returns pure character data frame, while smart fetches JSON-formatted data and returns a data frame with datetime columns converted to POSIXlt. Additional parameters to supply to httr::GET(

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Such an URL is called a SPARQL endpoint in the semantic web world - and is the way in which the data on the semantic web is published to the outside world in a query enabled form. SPARQL Is Similar To SQL. Like SQL, SPARQL selects data from the query data set by using a SELECT statement to determine which subset of the selected data is returned. Also, SPARQL uses a WHERE clause to define graph. The SPARQL Federated Query extension is a specification which defines the syntax and semantics for using the SERVICE keyword to execute queries that merge data distributed over different SPARQL endpoints. It provides for the ability to direct a portion of a query to a particular SPARQL endpoint. Results are returned to the federated query processor and are combined with results from the rest. SPARQL 1.1 Overview W3C Recommendation 21 March 2013 (englisch) W3C RDF Data Access Working Group (englisch) SPARQL By Example, Lee Feigenbaum (englisch) SPARQL-Tutorial (englisch) SPARQL RDF Query Language Reference., Dave Beckett, Kurzreferenz (zwei A4-Seiten; englisch) ARQ Abfrage-Engine (englisch) Wikidata Abfrage - Open SPARQL Web Diens

Introduction. Stardog Knowledge Graph supports the SPARQL query language, a W3C standard for querying RDF graphs. In the RDF Graph Data Model tutorial we looked at the details of RDF graphs and in this tutorial we will learn how to query them.. Setup. We will use the music dataset in this tutorial and see many features of SPARQL with examples W3C home > Mailing lists > Public > public-sparql-dev@w3.org > January to March 2015. Re: Wikidata, SPARQL Y0K Problem. This message: [ Message body] [ Respond] [ More options] Related messages: [ Next message] [ Previous message] [ In reply to] [ Next in thread SPARQL 1.1: Wie verwende ich die Replace-Funktion? Triple Stores vs relationale Datenbanken ; explorative SPARQL-Abfragen? Wie können Sie den XML-Schemadatentyp von der Sparql-Abfrage entfernen? SPARQL-Abfrage und eindeutige Anzahl ; Was ist das Semantic Web

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